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Add new taskresource

  • Creates new task resource at the end of list

Remove selected task(s)

  • Remove selected tasks

  • All children of selected tasks will also be removed

Print option

  • Specifies which parts of the Gantt to print & export PDF

  • Available options are

    • Print Current View - Prints current visible parts of the gantt

    • Print Table Only - Prints the whole gantt table

    • Print Chart Only - Prints the whole gantt chart

    • Custom prints - Shows advanced options


  • Opens print dialog to print gantt with options specified in ‘Print option'

Export to JPEG Image

  • Exports the current view of Gantt to image in JPEG format

Export to PDF Document

  • Exports gantt to PDF document with options specified in ‘Print option’

Scroll to Today

  • Scroll gantt chart to show today in view