Crystal Gantt Pro

Crystal Gantt Pro for JIRA

Crystal Gantt Pro for JIRA is an Atlassian JIRA Cloud add-on that lets you build and manage Programs containing Issues from different JIRA Projects giving you a bird's eye view of work across those projects/boards representing all your initiatives.


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Crystal Gantt Pro is comprised of 2 main components - Programs and the Gantt Chart.

Programs give you a bird's eye view of work across multiple projects in Jira representing your overall initiatives. 

  • Get visibility across multiple teams, work streams, and efficiently monitor progress for high-level deliverables at a glance.
  • This single, shared view communicates a clear picture of where work is at, with insights on the progress and status of your initiatives.

Our core visualization component is a Gantt Chart that has a very intuitive user interface, displaying the different tasks in your program, their dependencies as well as the hierarchical structure. It also lets you directly interact with it via drag and drop and inline editing.