Security statement

1. Overview

Crystal Gantt for JIRA Cloud runs on a hosted service. Crystal Gantt does not store customer data. Technical logs are stored for a period of 14 days. Each web request, from and to JIRA Cloud, is authenticated and authorized before access is allowed, and all communication is secured through SSL.

2. Data Storage

Crystal Gantt does not store any customer data. We store logs for period of 14 days, which do not contain any customer data. However, for the purpose of troubleshooting, we can change the log level to include keys of JIRA projects and issues which were not processed sucessfully.

3. Access

In order to guarantee proper quality of the service, Crystal Gantt support team can access Crystal Gantt technical logs. The access to the logs is restricted to Crystal Gantt employees and consultants only.

4. Backups

Crystal Gantt does not store any customer data, therefore backups are not required.